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deror  דרור  ‘liberty, freedom’
‘Proclaim liberty to the captives’ — Isaiah 61:1
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Our Titles

By Mark Durie:

  • Which God?
  • The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom
  • Liberty to the Captives: Freedom from Islam and Dhimmitude
  • Acehnese Dictionary with Trilingual Thesaurus (with Bukhari Daud)

By Daniel Shayesteh:

  • The House I Left Behind: A Journey from Islam to Christ
  • Christ Above All: Conversational Evangelism with People of Other Faiths
  • Islam and the Son of God

By Elizabeth Kendal:

  • Turn Back the Battle: Isaiah Speaks to Christians Today





Which God? by Mark Durie

Do we worship the same God? Today many are asking this question. In Which God? Durie demonstrates that Christians have good reasons to challenge the Islamic position that Allah of the Quran is the same as the God of the Bible. Which God? compares the God of the Bible with Allah of the Quran and shows that these are different in many respects. They have such different personalities and distinct capacities that they cannot be said to be the same. More than this, the Islamic Jesus (Isa) is different in fundamental respects from Jesus of the Gospels. Durie concludes that the concept of ‘Abrahamic Religions’ is an unhelpful and misleading label for the monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

 Published August 2013

RRP AUD $14.95  USD $14.95

This is a revised edition of Revelation?


Liberty to the Captives (Second Edition) by Mark Durie

Liberty to the Captives is a resource for equipping the church to respond to the challenge of Islam. Mark Durie presents unique resources for ministering freedom from the yoke of Islam, both for those who have lived as non-Muslims under Islamic dominance, as well as those who have come to Christ out of a Muslim background. Liberty to the Captives identifies the dhimma pact of surrender to Muslim rule, and the shahada - the Muslim confession of faith - as covenants which must be rejected and renounced by followers of Christ. It explains why this is necessary, and how to do it. The prayers and declarations provided here have been tested across four continents, and have proven value for setting people free from fear, breaking spiritual strongholds, and releasing men and women to be bold and effective witnesses to Muslims of the saving power of Christ.

Out in its second edition.

Published April 2013.

RRP AUD$14.95  USD$14.95.


Turn Back the Battle by Elizabeth Kendal

How are Christians to respond to suffering and persecution in a climate of growing geopolitical insecurity? In the latter part of the 8th century BC, when Judah was twice invaded and under existential threat, God commissioned a lone prophetic voice to speak his words into a politically charged military crisis. In Isaiah 1-39 God has provided spiritual resources and a historic precedent to help us respond rightly when under siege. In these days, as Christians world-wide face escalating persecution and existential threat, it is time to hear the message of Isaiah.  

Elizabeth Kendal is a leading religious freedom analyst and prayer advocate on behalf of the persecuted church. Turn Back the Battle draws on her long familiarity with global trends in religious persecution. It has been forged out of a passionate interest in how Christians respond to persecution and all forms of suffering.

Published December 2012.  

RRP $19.99.


The House Left Behind by Daniel Shayesteh

The House I Left Behind by Daniel Shayesteh tells the captivating and moving life story of Dr Daniel Shayesteh.

Dr Shayesteh was raised a practicing Muslim in Iran.While studying in Tehran he became involved in the Iranian Fundamentalist Revolution, and went on to become a leading Muslim politician and teacher of Islamic religious philosophy in northern Iran. In the second year after the Revolution, he fell out of favor with the Ayatollah Khomeini's political group. Kidnapped by Khomeini's Revolutionary Military, he was placed on death row awaiting execution. He was miraculously released and eventually escaped to Turkey, where, through a business relationship which went wrong, he came to know a group of Christians, and through them, Jesus Christ.

Dr Shayesteh's story offers a compelling picture of life in Iran after the Revolution. He provides unique insights into the interactions between Iranian culture and fundamentalist Islam, a devastating critique of the Iranian Revolution, and a warning to the world about radical Islam.

Published March 2012.  RRP AUD $17.99.  USD $20.00.

Previously released as Islam: The House I Left Behind.

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